Saturday, November 28, 2015

North Pole Delivery

Look what we found on our porch today!!!  SPECIAL DELIVERY for Ayden from the NORTH POLE!!!  What coul it be?!!

He was so excited...and his sister was somewhat jealous...

...until I reminded her of when she got the very same packages 2 years ago. She quickly remembered it was when Santa brought Belle, her little elf friend. Allie shouted, "Ayden! It's your ELF!"  Santa brought you an elf!!"

Santa did indeed bring Ayden someone very special...along with a note that said to give him a fitting name.

I read Ayden the story while he held his new friend.

After some thought...we came up with the perfect name!  JINGLE!  Although Todd really wanted him to be named TACO, lol. He was out voted. 

Welcome to the Hammerick family, Jingle!  We look forward to creating many memories with you. 

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