Sunday, November 29, 2015

3rd Annual North Pole Breakfast

We were ALL so excited this see Belle for the very first time this season and Jingle with his magic restored.  How lucky are we to have two elves that visit us this Christmas season? 

They came with surprises too!!!  Breakfast from the North Pole...snowball doughnuts, waffles, Christmas Oreos, Christmas candy corn and hot chocolate too!!!  What a fabulous breakfast!  Belle and Jingle were hanging out in one of our Christmas trees.  They also put up the advent calendar and wrapped up our Christmas book again too.  Allie remember just what do with that!

As Ayden set his eye upon the table...he yelled, "COOKIES, COOKIES!"  and rushed to get his booster seat.  He dove right into the doughnuts...shoving at least three in. Allie was all about her present and oh so excited about her ELF JAMMIES and SLIPPERS!!  She HAD to put them on right then and there (and wore them all day long). 

So glad you are back, Belle...and so thrilled we have a new addition to our family this season.  Jingle...welcome to the family!  We can't wait to see what you two have in store for us this Christmas.  Thanks for the lovely breakfast and another memory for the Hammerick's.

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