Friday, November 20, 2015

10 Days and Counting...

10 days and counting until our Allie girl is half a decade old!  Allie will be 5 before we know it.  With all the upcoming craziness, we celebrated Allie's 5th Birthday today as a family.  Allie's choice for dinner...Benihana!  She loves the rice, soup and salad.  She even tried (and liked!) the chicken too!


Allie looked forward to the part of dinner when the waiters sang Happy Birthday to Japanese. 

 Back at home...she was even more excited to open PRESENTS!  Lots of My Little Pony gifts from Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe (lip gloss, coloring books, nail stickers, tattoos).  More My Little Pony stuff from Nana and Papa including a hat and karaoke machine...and some Daisy Girl Scout goodies (a doll outfit to match her uniform and a couple GS books).  Papa Ray gave Allie twin Cabbage Patch dolls with matching outfits and jackets, a diaper bag and baby carries (all made by my mom).  My Little Ponies from Ayden too.  But, her favorite gift was from Todd and VINTAGE My Little Pony Baby Nursery House.  This girl has plenty to keep her busy...until her birthday party at least when she gets even more presents.
Allie is very appreciative for all the gifts she received.  Thank you Papa Ray, Nana, Papa, Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe for spoiling Allie yet again.  She loves everything and is having a hard time deciding what to play with because she wants to play with everything all at the same time!  Happy early birthday, Allie!

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