Saturday, October 31, 2015


The week of Halloween is always a busy one!  This week we Boo-ed some neighbors (Allie was super excited to leave some Halloween treats at our friends' houses in our neighborhood).  She was very sneaky!


Earlier this week Allie and I learned that our friend, Savannah, was about to endure a very serious surgery the day before Halloween.  Savannah would miss out on trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  Soooo, on Thursday we (along with more of her friends) headed over to Savannah's house to surprise her with a night of trick-or-treating up her driveway and down her street a bit.  We are praying for you Savannah and hoping a for a good outcome.

I luckily was able to move my specials around at school so I could attend Allie's Halloween party for a bit.  It was nice to be there as a parent and not a teacher.  Crafts, games, prizes and treats!
On Hallow's Eve, we attended a Halloween Glow Party at Allie gym...a little stunting in part of her Halloween costume.  I was amazed at her extension...that was a first!

Halloween play date early Halloween morning with Ayden's best buds.  Thanks Addie for the goodie bags!  Ayden's not the only man around anymore with little Sammy here!

And some traditional trick-or-treating with our besties, Austin and Carson.  It was a rainy and surprisingly warmer-than-I-thought kind of night.  Ayden kept up the bigs as best as he could...with some help from Daddy.  

Happy Halloween 2015!

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