Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Party, Ayden!

Happy Birthday Party to this little pup!  Ayden absolutely LOVES dogs!  He points, smiles, and yells, "DOGGIE!" every time he sees a dog walking in our neighborhood, out the car window, or even on TV!  He loves, loves, loves naturally, he loves CLIFFORD!

Ayden was DOGGONE cute in his Clifford shirt and party hat!  He even let me put it on him for some photos...and smiled!  Yahoo!  He really is 2!  BIG sissy, Allie, matched her little bro with a super cute Clifford dress too!


I got to work making all of Ayden's decorations at the beginning of summer...I knew once August came around, I would be busy, busy with school.  His decorations came out oh, so cute!  Red, black, yellow and blue TWO! Lots of Clifford's, bones and paw prints filled our house.

Ayden served his little pups...pup-eroni pizza, hot dogs, pup-corn, paw-sta salad, fruit kibble, doggone good grapes, puppy chow (chips and Doritos), and pup-cakes and ice cream. 

Ayden's party guests had fun making a Clifford craft and coloring, reading lots of Clifford books, and playing in the yard with all his doggone fun toys!

Time for LUNCH!  Yum!  Yum!  Ayden was the first one to start eating and the last one at the table...he LOVES his munchies.

Happy Birthday singing time!  Ayden was all about his singing, cupcake and candles.  He even wore his hat...AGAIN!  What a good boy!  He smiled and blew out his candles successfully!  Then, gobbled up his PUP-CAKE!

Time for gifts!  He dove right in and opened up ALL his gifts.  He had a few helpers, but he loved ripping off the paper and seeing all his new toys...and his BIG sissy was hoping he would share with her.

Thanks everyone for coming to my BIG birthday party!  I loved my pup-cakes and seeing all my friends and family.  Thanks for the super fun gifts!!  I love everything!  I will enjoy reading my Clifford Birthday book in the years to come and will think of my friends and family when I read your messages.


Happy BIG Birthday, Ayden!  We can't believe you are TWO.  I just love giving you a one-of-a-kind birthday party year after year.  I look forward to our two-year-old adventures to come this year.  Happy 2nd Birthday!  We love you!

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