Friday, September 25, 2015

FunD Run

Today, Allie (and I) ran to raise money for our school!  I was lucky enough to see my Allie before she ran her 6 minutes with her class.  I only got to stay for the stretching because I had to pick up my class from music...BUT...Todd filled in and cheered our Allie girl on!

Mrs. Bairski's class is all pumped and ready to run for some FUNDS! 
Go Allie!  Look at our girl go! 

Allie ran a few short laps before her (and a handful of others) tripped and fell on the cement.  OUCH!  There were a lot of tears from those little ones.  Todd bribed Allie with a "special dinner" if she got back out there and ran one more lap...and she did!  Bloody knees and all...poor thing.  Our girl is gaining some determination.  We're all proud of you, Allie!

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