Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of Pre-K

Allie was as excited as ever to go to school this year...she was mostly so excited because she was going with her momma! 

SCHOOL: Gretchko Elementary
TEACHER: Mrs. Bairski

Allie went to school with her new Hello Kitty backpack, matching lunchbox, snack bag, and water bottle.  She hugged me goodbye with a smile and set off for her first day of a great school year...and no tears!  Hooray!

Thanks Mrs. Bairski for taking such good care of our Allie girl...she loves you already!

However...poor Ayden did not share the same excitement as Allie.  He cried and cried all morning after Allie and I dropped him at Lynnie's.  Hopefully by next week he won't start crying as soon as we turn into her subdivision.

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