Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ayden is 24 Months

Today marks the day of our very last Sticky Bellies photo shoot for the Hammerick family.  This handsome guy has been our Sticky Bellies model from the moment he was born, having his first photo in the hospital room in which he was born.  Ayden has cooperated very well for all of his photos.  He would sit when asked.  Thanks to Allie jumping around behind me, making silly faces and noises, Ayden would smile and giggle when I pointed the camera his way.  Towards the end, Ayden would voice his preference where we took his photos...he usually wanted to go across the street to the benches for his shoot.  We've been having our photo sessions for 2 YEARS...24 MONTHS!  I'm a little teary-eyed knowing that this was the last time I would peel that monthly sticker off my baby boy's shirt to add to his baby book.  My how Ayden has grown!

At 2 years old (or 24 months in Sticky Bellies time) Ayden is silly, happy and loving.  He enjoys playing with cars, puzzles, anything in the kitchen cabinets and dishwasher, and he loves to go outside.  Ayden is shy when he meets new people.  He loves to read books and sing.  Ayden likes to eat mac 'n cheese, smoothies, ice cream, noodles, Gogurt, watermelon, and apple juice.  Ayden continues to go to bed well and sleep through the night.  He usually wakes up between 6:00-7:00 am.  Ayden loves his sister and always wants to play with her and be with her.  Ayden uses his manners and will say please when asking for something.

Ayden wore his "Birthday Boy" shirt to daycare to celebrate his birthday on still fit him after a whole year!  Here's one-year-old and two-year-old Ayden!  Ayden brought freeze pops for all his day care friends to help him celebrate. 

My Dearest bring us so much joy everyday.  We love you so much and enjoy each and every day with our silly, curious, kind-hearted, and sweet big boy.  We look forward to watching you grow into an even bigger boy.  We love you!

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