Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Photos 2015

We had the pleasure of having Denise take our family photos...again!  My kids love her and she does an awesome job with them.  We headed to the park for an after noon of photo taking.

Another year to capture these moments...they are growing up before our eyes.  Where is the pause button?  Allie 4.5 years old and Ayden 22 months.


Ayden was very cooperative for his photos...we got a lot of good shots.  "M's" (M&M's) work like a charm.  Ayden is our SILLY, yet SWEET little guy.

Allie is still as photogenic as ever. Cute as can be with her girlie-girl dresses and headbands.  She was dress to impress, but decided to not cooperate as well as her baby brother.  Better luck next time, Denise.  Allie does lover her Daddy.

Thanks so much, Denise...we truly appreciate you capturing our memories year after year.  Your creations and visions will live forever in our memories as we look back at these moments of our family frozen in time.

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