Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ayden is 23 Months

Ayden is so loving and snuggly.  He gives hugs goodbye to friends and family....sometimes kisses too.  Ayden went on his second flight this month to Tennessee to visit Todd while he worked.  He kept himself busy on the plane with stickers, suckers and the iPad.  Todd and I now have to keep a very close eye on Ayden.  He can unlock all the doors and walk outside.  He climbs up the cabinets to play with the faucets.  The childproofing locks and outlet plugs no longer useful either.  Ayden gets so excited  when he drives through tunnels.  He puts both hands in the air and yells, "Weeeee!"  Ayden decided he didn't want to sleep in his room alone anymore.  He cried whenever he was put down for a nap or at bedtime.  I finally figured out that he simply wanted his door left open.  Ayden likes to take his shoes and socks off every chance he gets.  He loves to pop bubbles and pet the neighborhood dogs.

Our BUSY Boy

Ayden has kept us on our toes this summer.  He is into EVERYTHING!  He'd rather play with the vacuum and mixer than any of this toys on a given day.  Ayden has mastered how to climb up the cabinets to play with the faucets.  He can open the closet door, pull out the vacuum, remove the outlet covers and plug in it in...and vacuum too!  It seems that every time we turn around...disaster strikes!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Photos 2015

We had the pleasure of having Denise take our family photos...again!  My kids love her and she does an awesome job with them.  We headed to the park for an after noon of photo taking.

Another year to capture these moments...they are growing up before our eyes.  Where is the pause button?  Allie 4.5 years old and Ayden 22 months.


Ayden was very cooperative for his photos...we got a lot of good shots.  "M's" (M&M's) work like a charm.  Ayden is our SILLY, yet SWEET little guy.

Allie is still as photogenic as ever. Cute as can be with her girlie-girl dresses and headbands.  She was dress to impress, but decided to not cooperate as well as her baby brother.  Better luck next time, Denise.  Allie does lover her Daddy.

Thanks so much, Denise...we truly appreciate you capturing our memories year after year.  Your creations and visions will live forever in our memories as we look back at these moments of our family frozen in time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Harbor Springs

I feel so lucky to still have a wonderful friendship with my college roomie, Heather.  It's usually about every 6 months to a year that we see one another...but we pick up right where we left off. 

This past weekend, the family and I headed up to her neck of the woods to visit, and spend some quality time where things move a little bit slower...up in Harbor Springs, MI.  The kids got along GREAT and we had plenty of activities to keep us all busy and entertained.  Allie just loved her new BFF Callie!

We visited Pond Hill Farm for some animal looking, wine tasting, and squash launching!  The Keiser's were professional squash launchers!  We learned a few tips and launched our squash clear over a few fences to a field full of sheep and goats ready for their lunch to come in a top notch speed...and splatter all over the ground.




You can't visit Harbor Springs without stopping into TOM'S MOM'S COOKIES!  Delish!


And of course an afternoon swimming in the harbor of Lake Michigan.  What a gorgeous day to relax with a beverage on the beach while the kiddos play and splash!

Thanks so much, Heather and Jim (Brady and Callie too) for hosting!  I truly cherish our friendship and love our summer visits.  I'm hoping to make this an ANNUAL trip from here on out!  I can't wait to see how our kids grow in the upcoming years together!  Love you guys!


Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Reading Par-tay

This little reader finished her summer reading program...and as a reward she got to participate in a summer reading celebration!  Check out those Llama, Llama ears, that Paddington Bear and Pete the Cat...and FANCY NANCY (right up her alley)!