Sunday, July 5, 2015

Up North on the Fourth

We are so blessed to be invited to our friend's cottage up north on Houghton Lake for the 4th of July...after all...we had NO plans this year. 
We usually go to the parade and collect candy (big highlight of the day) I had a little surprise already prepared for my firecrackers before I knew we were going to be out of town.  A new candy collection bag personalized with their names on it to take to all their future parades.  They were of course fill up with lots of red, white and blue goodies and treats.

The parade is going to have to wait until next year...because we were up north on the fourth!  Uncle Mark and Aunt Kat...we just LOVE your cottage and always have the best long as everyone cooperates at bedtime.  These kiddos had a ball together.  How cute are these patriots?!?

Our fourth was filled with jet skis, swimming, boating, the kids workshop at Home Depot, a craft show where everyone come home with a new bow and arrow set, campfires, fire works, and s'mores.

Home Depot race crew...everyone's a winner
Boating on the lake

Fire Master, Austin making sure the campfire is just right for s'more roasting

Aliie, Austin, and Sophia watching the fireworks

Allie got to stay up later than she ever has to watch the fireworks for the very first time on the fourth...the big kids were in awww as they watched them from the boat. 

Thanks again Uncle Mark and Aunt Kat for having us up.  We had a great time!!!

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