Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lake Pymatuning

The Hammerick's couldn't let a summer go by without visiting our very favorite Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe at Lake Pymatuning in PA.  There's not a whole lot to do there...but Allie and Ayden seem to make everything fun.

We've been to the deer park in Pymatuning for the past couple years...however, this was Ayden't first trip.  He was a little apprehensive feeding the animals at first...but warmed up rather quickly.  Todd and I enjoyed seeing him get so excited over all the animals.

We were thrilled to hear Uncle Joe got a boat recently...and we were even more thrilled to spend a day out on the lake  Allie and Ayden BOTH sailed us around while us adults sat back and enjoyed the sun and view.

There are a lot of Amish families and towns nearby.  We did some shopping, tested out a buggy or two, and had some Amish lunch.  The fry pies and doughnuts were to DIE FOR!!!  We MUST go back there next year.  Thanks, Auntie Ellen and Nana for spoiling my children rotten.  They absolutely loved all their new treasures.

The four of us headed to Lake Conneaut Park for some amusement rides.  This park is over 100 years old and somewhat small...but it in perfect for these two.  Todd and I were unsure if Ayden would be able to ride anything...but, I just told him he had to stay sitting...and he did!  He liked the rides overall...most of them.  Except that one he cried on. 

There was a rainy day...but we decided to head to the movie.  Allie picked up these 3D glasses and decided she loved them.  She insisted on wearing them...her glasses to see with.  We indulged in some of the yummiest ice cream ever.

We headed to the lake to feed the ducks and fish...a favorite thing to do for many visitors.  Ayden even got into it!  He was chucking that bread and giggling every time those ducks gobbled it up.

The best part of our evenings was the campfire...roasting s'mores!  The kiddos liked jumping on the giant trampoline in the backyard too.  Allie just loves Uncle Joe's grand-niece, Jenna, who stays in the cottage behind Auntie Ellen's.  Thanks, Jenna for playing with Allie again.  She always has the best time with you.

We are so blessed to have family (Patches, you too) willing and take care of (and put up with) our littles.  Todd and I were able to have a date night at the local was just perfect!  We will be sure to visit there again next summer.


Thanks, Nana and Papa for coming with us, feeding us, and helping with the kids.  Thank you Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe for welcoming ALL of us wild and crazies into your home.  Thanks Patches for letting my kiddos pet you over and over again...and sorry we didn't drop as much food as you would have liked.  Thank you Jenna for playing with Allie...she loves you! 

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