Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chattanooga...Here We Come!

Very, very last minute...Todd was called away to Chattanooga, TN for work for two long weeks.  Luckily, he has such a loving and thoughtful wife that endured the STRESS and MORE STRESS of bringing his three favorite people to spend some time with him there.  It also helped that we haven't been there as a family yet, so it was the perfect opportunity to take an impromptu family vacation this summer. 

We survived the flight, just barely...after the entire airport was shut down at our layover.  Grrr!  Ayden refused to nap and just cried for about 15 minutes on the plane as we sat on the runway waiting to take off along with the rest of the airport after the shutdown.  Sorry, plane full of people.  Allie stayed busy with her iPad and even shared with Ayden some.  They both ate WAY too much candy and Ayden put stickers on EVERYTHING.

But, we made it!  I made it!  I survived my first flight solo with two kids, a stroller, and luggage.  It probably won't be the last I travel outnumbered. I for sure have a few more gray hairs now...but I'm so proud of myself.

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