Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Split Second

I was forewarned by all my friends with boys...there would come the day we made our first trip to the emergency room.  Boys are wired differently than girls. They climb, they're rough, they move NON-STOP!  They also try to ride their Wheely-Bug down the wooden garage stairs. 

Ayden did just that. It was a split second of my life I will always remember. I walked into the garage to put something in the recycle bin (step, step, step down the stairs). I reached into the bin...then I hear "THUMP, THUMP, THUMP followed by the worst scream I've ever heard from my baby boy. I happen to see him fall from the last step and watched as his head hit the bumper of the car (better than the cement floor, I guess). 

I scooped him up and grabbed the ice pack. At that point I didn't even know what I was going to put it on. That is when I noticed the BLUE indentation and cut on his forehead, along with blood on his nose and mouth.  All those conversations I've had with mom's of boys came flooding into my head...I for sure thought we were heading to the ER for Ayden's first set of stitches or a missing tooth. 

Ayden calmed down. The cut closed with the ice pack. I called the doctor because I was on the fence about where to take's office or ER? Based on my answers to their set of questions, his injuries weren't severe enough for the ER just yet.  So, we headed to the doctors for a quick evaluation....and by the grace of God, my baby boy is FINE.  He's completely fine...besides the fact that it looks like he smashed his face on some wooden stairs.  
The ER did not have the pleasure of hosting us today.  Scary mommy moment that I'm hoping to never experience again.  


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