Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ayden is 21 Months

This big guy is developing quite the personality. Ayden loves to pick out his own dinner. He often will request watermelon, pancakes and syrup, and yogurt.  He likes toast with jelly, potato chips, and smoothies too.  Ayden loves to give hugs and to be held. He loves to play outside and swing and play with the water table. One of Ayden's favorite things to do in the car is to sing along to the Frozen soundtrack. Ayden knows how to say his name and loves to repeat words and phrases.  Ayden has very good manners and remembers to say thank you often.  He continues to sleep very well...all thanks to his many binkies he takes to bed with him.  In the mornings, Ayden likes to line all his binkies up on his crib rail until Todd or I come to get him.


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