Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Allie and Ayden both helped make cookies and cards for the fathers in our lives...Papa Ray, Papa Ralph and their Godfather, Uncle Mark.  We love all of you and are thankful you are in our lives.

We were sure to show our love to the best Dad around...Ayden hand painted a "My Dad Rocks" rock at Lynnie's and we made a stepping stone with his handprint in it (just like Allie did a couple years ago). Now we'll have two stone in our back yard to remember these littles little hands.  Allie got her Daddy a new MSU shirt and some of her Daddy's favorite coffee K-cups.  Happy Father's day, Todd...we love you so much!

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Gift of Reading

There is just something so grownup about getting your first library card. Allie signed her name all on her own, picked out an armful of books and a couple DVD's, and even used the self scanner to check her materials out of the library. She was beyond excited.

Allie was so proud. Getting her own card was her literacy right of passage. It's a little piece of independence. Her first piece of identification that she insists on keeping in her "wallet."

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ayden is 21 Months

This big guy is developing quite the personality. Ayden loves to pick out his own dinner. He often will request watermelon, pancakes and syrup, and yogurt.  He likes toast with jelly, potato chips, and smoothies too.  Ayden loves to give hugs and to be held. He loves to play outside and swing and play with the water table. One of Ayden's favorite things to do in the car is to sing along to the Frozen soundtrack. Ayden knows how to say his name and loves to repeat words and phrases.  Ayden has very good manners and remembers to say thank you often.  He continues to sleep very well...all thanks to his many binkies he takes to bed with him.  In the mornings, Ayden likes to line all his binkies up on his crib rail until Todd or I come to get him.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Allie is 4.5

Allie is 4.5...and she is so excited to say that!  Our Allie girl is silly, sensitive, and sweet.  I admire how caring she is to her brother...helping him or playing with him.  She is so motherly and protective.  Allie is polite and usually remembers her manners.  I'm amazed at how gentle, cheerful and loving she can be at times.  Overall, she is a good listener and helper at home.  Allie is interested in learning about God, adding numbers, and how to read rhyming words.  Allie loves to sing and dance.  She likes to play with her Barbies or My Little Ponies almost every day.  Allie enjoys "reading" to her dolls, playing at the park, riding her bike, and playing Candy Land...she is getting better at her sportsmanship.  Allie likes to wear dresses, necklaces and have fancy hairstyles...she is a girly-girl!  Her favorite shows on TV is Peppa Pig and My Little Pony.  Allie enjoys playing with her friends Austin, Julia, Robby, and Ainsley.  At school she loves her classmates Abby, Sanchita and Anika.  Allie is learning so to count to 100, the names of the continents and plants, and all about nature and animals.  Some of Allie's staple foods are Olga's snackers, frozen peas, ants on a log, and soft serve ice cream.  Pizza, most meats and peanut butter and jelly are on Allie's "Do Not Eat" list.