Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scientist Allie

Allie participated in her very first science fair this evening at school. When the assignment was given, Allie and I perused around on the internet searching for an interesting topic to experiment with. We came across colorful cabbage leaves and celery and thought it was intriguing. So we went with it?

Allie's question was: HOW DO PLANTS DRINK WATER?

Allie set up her materials (and took a photo). She did the pouring and added the food coloring herself. Then she put a cabbage leaf in each cup (and took another photo). 

We waited...and whaa-laaa!  The cabbage leaves drank the colored water, all the way up to top of its leaves!  (And Allie took another photo). 

I printed out templates for Allie to write and draw in to show each step of her experiment.  She painted and pasted her board together!  Looks great, huh?!?!!


Allie was a bit shy when it came time to tell about her experiment infront of all her classmates and parents. She practiced at school for a couple days to prepare. I got her started by telling her name and then asking her questions about what we did and she answered the questions to tell everyone all about her experiment. 

This kid deserves an A+!!!

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