Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ayden is 20 Months

Ayden has seemed to have grown up this past month.  He communicates and understands so well now, although he struggles to always listen.  When Ayden is unhappy about his boundaries, he will often throw himself on the floor and cry.  Ayden LOVES to play with brooms and vacuums.  He sometimes will make a mess just so he can run to get the broom to sweep it up.  Ayden likes to play with the dishes in the dishwasher and all the small appliances in the kitchen cabinet.  Now that the weather is warm, Ayden wants to go outside all the time.  He spends his time pushing his shopping cart down the sidewalk or riding in his red car.  Ayden really likes dogs and will giggle, point and say "dog" when he sees one.  Ayden likes to eat salami, raspberries, ice cream cones, and frozen peas...when he's not throwing it all on the floor.

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