Sunday, April 19, 2015

Family Reunion

Around the time Allie was born, I absolutely LOVED my job as a teacher at Doherty. I look back today and it seems like ages ago that I taught at what I now call the "old Doherty."  I worked with the most awesome group of teachers. The parents, students and overall school environment had the most amazing feeling a culture. It's hard to explain what we all had there "back in the day."  These folks were there with me when Todd and I struggled to be parents.  Many tears were shed behind closed blinds of offices and between the retractable wall I shared with my neighbor teacher...who turned out to be such a great friend.  These guys were there when Todd was shipped off to VA for 5 months during my pregnancy and then to Boston for 2 years after. They offered their support emotionally when I was technically a single mom every 2 weeks. They helped out with substitutes, sub plans and watched my class for me at the end of the day here and there when I skipped out early to make that 5:00 flight out when my less than 6 month Allie and I took more than a dozen trips to Boston before her first birthday. 

Things were fabulous at one time in my work world. However, unforeseen circumstances forced many of my best friends to make very difficult decisions to part ways with the school that was "the best in the land."

Last night, my past peeps and I all gathered together for an evening filled with memories and nostalgia.  We hugged, laughed, and caught up on each other's lives from the past 5+ years.  Todd decided to stay in with the kiddos while all of us teachers talked about how awful our new evaluations are and blah, blah, blah... I was looking forward to my night out all week. However, when it came time to walk out the door, my heart melted a little bit when Allie muttered the words, "Please don't go."  

On the nights Todd and I head out for "dates" or one of us leaves before the kiddos are in bed, we get two totally different reactions from Allie and Ayden. Ayden gives me a big hug, blows me a kiss, and waves bye-bye.  Allie, on the other hand, becomes a little sad and usually doesn't want us to go. Todd and I don't go out a lot and we don't go out in the evenings often without each other.  But, every now and then we do like to get dressed up and spend some time OUT of the house, talking about adult topics, eating a meal without having to inhale our food and pick up smashed spaghetti off the floor, and having no one to be responsible for but ourselves. 

Allie was fine...and Ayden too. My much need night out was well worth that guilty feeling my little princess gave me just before I left. These nights out make me a better mommy, wife...and make me feel like I still have the friends and coworkers I miss so much. Thanks for the night out Y'ALL!  I miss you so. Can't wait till the next one. 

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