Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Last night Allie and Ayden welcomed the Easter Bunny into our home.  On our kitchen table hey left buckets of eggs for the bunny to hide, a homemade card, and a tasty snack of carrots and water.

Early the next morning Allie woke Todd and I up...she couldn't wait for us to get up.  the Easter Bunny had left some eggs in the hallway and she spotted them as soon as she came out of her room.  Ayden was up as off on an egg hunt we went!  The eggs were filled with treats, candy, and coins.  The golden egg had $2 in it and was hiding in the refrigerator!

Allie found Ayden's basket first in the dining room.  She was a bit sad when she couldn't find hers.  Daddy helped her out a bit and spotted it in the living room next to the chair.  Her mood changed in an instant!  A letter from the Easter Bunny was right next to each of their baskets.

These two can't wait to open their baskets up!

Allie's basket had a few of her favorite things...Elsa socks and an Elsa bow, Izzy and Doc shirts, a Pez dispenser, a new My Little Pony, accessories for her Bitty Baby, nail polish, Chex Mix, and lots of chocolate candy!

Ayden found a Noah's Ark toy complete with animals, a new pair of shoes, toothpaste, Chex Mix and little bit of candy too.

That Easter Bunny was so thoughtful and left a little basket for Todd and I!  It had gummy vitamins, some of our favorite candies and some coffee too...and he took out some coffee mugs for us! 

Photo courtesy of Allie

After the excitement of our baskets wore off a bit, we headed to Nana and Papa's for an Easter lunch...where there were more presents for these two bunnies.  Thanks, Nana and Papa for spoiling us!

An Easter tradition...dying Easter Eggs!  Allie did a fabulous job making come colorful eggs full of stickers, designs, and decorations.



...and an egg hunt too! 

We love you Nana!


Photographer Allie insisted on capturing some memories this Easter too...

Easter 2015

Happy Easter from the Hammerick's!

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