Monday, April 13, 2015

Ayden is 19 Months

This past month Ayden has really started to understand more and more. He will follow directions and do what Todd and I tell him to do...most of the time.  Ayden loves to be tickled and play with the vaccuum.  He attempts to put on his own socks and shoes and loves to ride in his car outside.  Ayden enjoys workingout with me and gets so excited when he sees that we are hanging out in the family gym.  He especially likes to do squats, jumps, and down-dog.  Ayden likes to answer the door with the doorbell rings, too.  Ayden's new words are "ishy" for fishy/Goldfish crackers and "ock" for socks.  He loves ice cream cones and his morning oatmeal (made with leftover's my last resort to have him consume it).  Ayden can feed himself but would rather dump out whatever is on his plate and throw it on the floor. 

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