Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Cut Above the Rest

I knew this day would come...the day of the dreaded first haircut.  Todd finally drug Ayden to the barber shop...with me kicking and screaming right behind him.  The thought of my little boy getting his baby curls snipped right off, brought me to tears.  Ayden's long bangs have been getting in his eyes for some time now.  And when Allie started putting Ayden's mullet in a ponytail, that was the last straw.

At 18 months old, Ayden did exceptionally well sitting in the chair and getting his hair sprayed down.  He was a little champ throughout the whole cut...the scissors, the combing, and the clippers too. 

The last of the baby curls

So handsome

Ayden looks like such a big boy now...I knew that he would.  I guess I have to start accepting the fact that my baby REALLY ISN'T a baby anymore.  His haircut was the final milestone that graduates him to toddler-hood.  Look how handsome!

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