Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring on the Farm

Spring on the Farm didn't feel so spring-like.  It was a bit chilly...below 30 degrees to be exact.  But, the chilly weather didn't keep us, or the animals, inside. 

Carousel Acres was a new find for the Hammerick family.  We enjoyed a Saturday morning of horseback riding, bottle feeding goats and lambs, animal petting and watching, fun on the teeter-tauter, and super fun roller coaster rides too!  A fun family day with a trip to McDonald's for lunch afterwards. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Family Reunion

Around the time Allie was born, I absolutely LOVED my job as a teacher at Doherty. I look back today and it seems like ages ago that I taught at what I now call the "old Doherty."  I worked with the most awesome group of teachers. The parents, students and overall school environment had the most amazing feeling a culture. It's hard to explain what we all had there "back in the day."  These folks were there with me when Todd and I struggled to be parents.  Many tears were shed behind closed blinds of offices and between the retractable wall I shared with my neighbor teacher...who turned out to be such a great friend.  These guys were there when Todd was shipped off to VA for 5 months during my pregnancy and then to Boston for 2 years after. They offered their support emotionally when I was technically a single mom every 2 weeks. They helped out with substitutes, sub plans and watched my class for me at the end of the day here and there when I skipped out early to make that 5:00 flight out when my less than 6 month Allie and I took more than a dozen trips to Boston before her first birthday. 

Things were fabulous at one time in my work world. However, unforeseen circumstances forced many of my best friends to make very difficult decisions to part ways with the school that was "the best in the land."

Last night, my past peeps and I all gathered together for an evening filled with memories and nostalgia.  We hugged, laughed, and caught up on each other's lives from the past 5+ years.  Todd decided to stay in with the kiddos while all of us teachers talked about how awful our new evaluations are and blah, blah, blah... I was looking forward to my night out all week. However, when it came time to walk out the door, my heart melted a little bit when Allie muttered the words, "Please don't go."  

On the nights Todd and I head out for "dates" or one of us leaves before the kiddos are in bed, we get two totally different reactions from Allie and Ayden. Ayden gives me a big hug, blows me a kiss, and waves bye-bye.  Allie, on the other hand, becomes a little sad and usually doesn't want us to go. Todd and I don't go out a lot and we don't go out in the evenings often without each other.  But, every now and then we do like to get dressed up and spend some time OUT of the house, talking about adult topics, eating a meal without having to inhale our food and pick up smashed spaghetti off the floor, and having no one to be responsible for but ourselves. 

Allie was fine...and Ayden too. My much need night out was well worth that guilty feeling my little princess gave me just before I left. These nights out make me a better mommy, wife...and make me feel like I still have the friends and coworkers I miss so much. Thanks for the night out Y'ALL!  I miss you so. Can't wait till the next one. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Ayden is 19 Months

This past month Ayden has really started to understand more and more. He will follow directions and do what Todd and I tell him to do...most of the time.  Ayden loves to be tickled and play with the vaccuum.  He attempts to put on his own socks and shoes and loves to ride in his car outside.  Ayden enjoys workingout with me and gets so excited when he sees that we are hanging out in the family gym.  He especially likes to do squats, jumps, and down-dog.  Ayden likes to answer the door with the doorbell rings, too.  Ayden's new words are "ishy" for fishy/Goldfish crackers and "ock" for socks.  He loves ice cream cones and his morning oatmeal (made with leftover's my last resort to have him consume it).  Ayden can feed himself but would rather dump out whatever is on his plate and throw it on the floor. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Our little angel started her road to religion training today...her first day of Sunday School. Allie was so excited and couldn't wait to go!  She gave us both a hug and started her coloring right away....knowing we were still at church and not leaving her there. Her teacher reported that she followed directions nicely and was a great addition to their small class of 5 students.   God is proud of you, Allie. 

Ayden, on the other hand, screamed the entire time we left him in the Smile Room. After receiving a text halfway through mass that he wouldn't calm down, we went back to get him. He ended up falling asleep in Todd's arms during the second half of mass.  Must have been all the crying. Poor thing.  

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Last night Allie and Ayden welcomed the Easter Bunny into our home.  On our kitchen table hey left buckets of eggs for the bunny to hide, a homemade card, and a tasty snack of carrots and water.

Early the next morning Allie woke Todd and I up...she couldn't wait for us to get up.  the Easter Bunny had left some eggs in the hallway and she spotted them as soon as she came out of her room.  Ayden was up as off on an egg hunt we went!  The eggs were filled with treats, candy, and coins.  The golden egg had $2 in it and was hiding in the refrigerator!

Allie found Ayden's basket first in the dining room.  She was a bit sad when she couldn't find hers.  Daddy helped her out a bit and spotted it in the living room next to the chair.  Her mood changed in an instant!  A letter from the Easter Bunny was right next to each of their baskets.

These two can't wait to open their baskets up!

Allie's basket had a few of her favorite things...Elsa socks and an Elsa bow, Izzy and Doc shirts, a Pez dispenser, a new My Little Pony, accessories for her Bitty Baby, nail polish, Chex Mix, and lots of chocolate candy!

Ayden found a Noah's Ark toy complete with animals, a new pair of shoes, toothpaste, Chex Mix and little bit of candy too.

That Easter Bunny was so thoughtful and left a little basket for Todd and I!  It had gummy vitamins, some of our favorite candies and some coffee too...and he took out some coffee mugs for us! 

Photo courtesy of Allie

After the excitement of our baskets wore off a bit, we headed to Nana and Papa's for an Easter lunch...where there were more presents for these two bunnies.  Thanks, Nana and Papa for spoiling us!

An Easter tradition...dying Easter Eggs!  Allie did a fabulous job making come colorful eggs full of stickers, designs, and decorations.



...and an egg hunt too! 

We love you Nana!


Photographer Allie insisted on capturing some memories this Easter too...

Easter 2015

Happy Easter from the Hammerick's!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Cut Above the Rest

I knew this day would come...the day of the dreaded first haircut.  Todd finally drug Ayden to the barber shop...with me kicking and screaming right behind him.  The thought of my little boy getting his baby curls snipped right off, brought me to tears.  Ayden's long bangs have been getting in his eyes for some time now.  And when Allie started putting Ayden's mullet in a ponytail, that was the last straw.

At 18 months old, Ayden did exceptionally well sitting in the chair and getting his hair sprayed down.  He was a little champ throughout the whole cut...the scissors, the combing, and the clippers too. 

The last of the baby curls

So handsome

Ayden looks like such a big boy now...I knew that he would.  I guess I have to start accepting the fact that my baby REALLY ISN'T a baby anymore.  His haircut was the final milestone that graduates him to toddler-hood.  Look how handsome!

Friday, April 3, 2015


Allie and I enjoyed our Good Fri-Day at the Zoo together.  I really enjoy spending one-on-one time with each of my kiddos...and today was Allie's day.  We had a great time at Bunnyville!

Cousin hugs!  Ethan, Aunt Jess, Leighton and Shawnie all joined in the bunny fun.  Bunny crafts, bunny games, and a bunny face to top it all off.


Visiting the animals...tigers, monkeys and the baby giraffe were some of the highlights.

Just before we headed home, Allie talked me into riding the carousel.  How could I say no to a chance to ride on a ladybug?!?  Some bunny must really love this Allie girl!