Sunday, March 22, 2015


I swore up and down that I wouldn't feed my kids all those unhealthy foods that they love so much...sugary, food dyes, processed. That was before I had two kids with minds, and stomachs, of their own. 
Earlier this week while I was getting coats on these two to get out the door in the morning, Ayden went in the pantry and helped himself to a Pop-Tart of Allie's. I didn't really object because the thought of a screaming disappointed toddler riding in my backseat was not at all how I wanted to spend my drive to school. 
This morning Allie decided she didn't like her Frozen cereal she does with most foods.  One day she loves something and the next it's completely off her menu.  Ayden decided he would gobble up her yummy cereal.  I walked away from the table and when I returned, I found him picking out ALL the marshmallow pieces!  It's already starting...this seems too young!


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