Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gearing Up for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day means SPRING is in the air!  I love all the green...and can't wait to see more of it as soon as all this snow melts.

Bright and early this morning a little more green exploded in our kitchen!  Our family Leprechaun, Lucky, made his second visit to the Hammerick's house.  He brought some St. Patrick's Day cheer, yummy treats, and fun goodies for the littles.  He made sure to turn everything green too...the cupcakes and the milk!

Allie was surprised with a new My Little Pony named Minty, a St. Patty's headband that she's been asking for, a new set of rainbow watercolors, Lucky Charms Chapstick, and some other yummy Leprechaun and green goodies.  Lucky also drew up some St. Patrick's day WORK for Allie to do...he heard she loves to do her homework!
Lucky left Ayden a St. Patty's day shirt and a fun school bus filled with his favorites snacks...Veggie Straws and applesauce pouches.

Lucky left a letter to let us know who made this special St. Patrick's Day treat!  He said that he was so glad Allie remembered to talk and learn about St. Patrick again this year.    Ayden spotted the cupcakes RIGHT AWAY and wanted to let everyone know.  Cupcakes for breakfast!!!  Allie passed up the cupcakes but enjoyed her special bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.

Such a sad face when I told him he could only have ONE cupcake for breakfast.  So sorry, buddy! 

Lucky also left us a fun TREASURE HUNT to find a little pot of gold he was willing to share with his favorite family.  Allie found all the clues...and the MONEY!!!  $6.00...which she happily shared with her sweet!  The clues were hidden all over the house.  That silly Lucky said he hid the pot of gold in our garbage can!!!  Allie looked in 3 garbage cans before she finally found it in our bathroom!  It wasn't actually IN the garbage where the garbage can usually sits.  Lots of "gold" and goodies! Ayden was just happy to be IN the bathroom.  All he cared about was flushing the toilet.  He did enjoy a green sucker for the very time though!
I'm so blessed to have two littles that willingly WANT to pose for photos!  These two are so cute...Ayden just sits right down next to Allie (for about 2 seconds) and even says "Cheeeeese!"  Silly goofballs.

Allie did ALL of her work in one sitting.  She loved every page and made sure to do her best coloring.  She decided to take it to school for show-and-tell next week.

This afternoon, I took Allie to Aqua Tots for a their St. Patrick's celebration and open swim.  She made a craft, had some snacks...but was most excited for her St. Patty's Day SWIM with her pal, Ainsley.

St. Patty's Day success!  Thanks, Lucky, for giving this family more memories for this momma to treasure.

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