Saturday, March 21, 2015

Easter Bunny Pics 2015

All dressed and ready to go!  Allie was so excited to see the Easter Bunny.  Ayden...wasn't as thrilled.  This spring, the Easter Bunny was hopping on over to our most favorite place to shop...COSTCO!  We decided to get dressed in our Easter's best and head on over to the egg hunt.

We pretty much hit up Costco just about every weekend.  These two love to sit next to each other and eat their way through the store as we shop...since there is a sample at just about every corner.  Today, there were egg hunt stations hidden throughout the store.  This made our shopping so much more fun!

This is Ayden's "cheese" face.
Allie hopped right up on the Easter Bunny's lap.  Ayden was a bit more timid, but willing cooperated for a photo...thanks bud!  Easter Bunny photo success!

We usually never leave Costco without sharing a monster sized frozen's the one and only reason why Allie loves to go shopping there with us.  One of our Easter eggs had a coupon inside for a FREE frozen yogurt!  Yum-O!  A perfect ending to our Easter Bunny visit!


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