Friday, March 13, 2015

Ayden is 18 Months

Ayden is a thriving and joyful, on-the-go little guy.  Some of his favorite activities are pushing his toys around and knock things over.  Ayden loves taking baths, reading books, and being chased.  He loves throwing trash away in the garbage can under the kitchen sink.  Ayden has become very verbal.  His favorite phrase is "all done."  He will say "all done" when he gets up in the morning, when he's finished eating, or when Todd or I tell him he is all done with whatever thing he might be destroying at the moment.  Ayden says "ba" for bath, "ni-ni" for night-night, "bape" for baby, and "ot" for hot.  Ayden will stand by the refrigerator and complain until someone opens the door so he can get his water out. He loves to play with the coffee creamers in the refrigerator door.  Ayden's favorite foods are string cheese, ice cream cones, mac-n-cheese, frozen peas, applesauce and pop tarts.  He insists on feeding himself. Ayden can follow simple directions.  When he is told to do something, he usually will...most of the time.

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