Saturday, February 14, 2015

To the Ones I Love

Today was filled with warmth, sweetness, and love with my favorite three people.  I love days like these...even though they can be a tad bit stressful at times trying to get all the fine details accomplished.  Last night after the kids were in bed, I opened up my bag of tricks (and my laptop)...and whaaaa-laaaa!  Pink, red, and hearts everything.

This morning we all woke up to some surprises!  Presents to all my loves and some family quality time together.

A Valentine Barbie, Barbie clothes, heart flip flops, a My Little Pony, Valentine socks and a Valentine Amelia Bedilia book for my Allie girl. 


Crocs, Playdough, The Night Before Valentine's Day book, and some Valentine popcorn, pretzels, and pouches for my silly Ayden. 


Allie was so happy to FINALLY get the Cotton Candy My Little Pony I've been telling her I had stashed away.  Those sweet smiles and squeals made my day. 

After Allie looked through all her gifts, she ran over to the counter and got the card she made at school for us.  How sweet is she?  Love you too, Allie.

Breakfast was heart shaped waffles and strawberries, pink yogurt and smoothies.  Ayden loved every bit of his breakfast...of course.

A Valentine birthday party filled up our afternoon.  Danica turned 4 and celebrated at High Velocity Sports.  The 5 bounce houses were a blast to jump around in.  Ayden loved jumping with his momma!  Happy Birthday, Danni!

Valentine's dinner...heart shaped peanut butter and jelly (special request per Allie)...and more heart shaped strawberries.  Allie has been the stingiest eater lately...but gobbled up MOST of her heart sandwich.

This morning was the Lowe's kids workshop, but with the crazy snow I just ran in and picked it up for them.  Allie and Todd had a little building session after dinner.  Valentine photo holder to hold lots of lovely photos!
The perfect ending to the day was a family snug-fest on the couch with Charlie Brown's Valentine with a little PINK HOT CHOCOLATE!  How festive and fun is that???  We all curled up on the couch together.  Allie and Ayden HATED the hot chocolate (apparently only brown hot chocolate with do), but Todd and I thought it was YUM!!!  Ayden liked his pink heart cake much better.  

I love these three with all my heart and I hope they know how much the mean to me.  I hope my little have created some fun memories and traditions that they will look back on .  Memories that will fill their heart with warmth, joy and love.  I love you guys!


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