Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tip Up Town

Thanks, Aders for the awesome fun time at Houghton Lake and Tip Up Town. We love you guys and it was so good to spend some quality time together. 

Allie and Austin almost made it through two whole days without any arguments. It was probably due to Allie sleeping half the day away on Sunday...till 10:00 (world  record for her!)  



Tip Up Town is the winter featival at Houghton Lake. Rides, food, and an ice slide!!  Allie said her favorite thing about the festival was the fun house!  

We pulled Ayden around in his was perfect!  We were pleasantly surprised that he actually sat in it for so long. There was no strap (hand-me-down) so I go creative and used an old belt to keep him buckled down. Worked great!  ...and Allie wanted to pull Ayden around too. 

What a fun little get-a-way and a much needed time with good friends. When I asked Allie what her most favorite thing was about the trip.  Her response...the toy vacuum. Haha!!  You guys will have you cleaner the next time we come. We'll be sure to put Allie to work. 

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