Monday, January 19, 2015

Peace Celebration

Martin Luther King Day is the one and only government holiday that Todd and I BOTH get off.  It just so happens to fall on a Monday, a day Allie does NOT have school...a day we all spent together.

Allie's school had a Peace Celebration today.  Her homework the week before was to create a quilt square representing what PEACE means to her.  Together, Allie and I came up with three symbols that means PEACE to her.  A heart for LOVE.  Her hands for HUGS.  Smiley faces for HAPPINESS.

Allie was dressed with her Peace shirt we happen to find in her drawer.  I had the pleasure of taking Allie up to the PEACE TREE and tell everyone how Allie brings peace to our lives...
"Allie is a special girl that has brought us peace from the moment she was born.  We are so proud of all she is.  She is a great helper, has wonderful manners, and such a good big sister to her brother. We love her so much!"
Allie was so sweet and SHY!  After all those words of kindness, she hid her face in my shoulder.  We then hung up her flower on the tree.

Finally, we headed outside to let balloons go to celebrate the peace in our lives, the peace in our family...and peace on Earth. 

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