Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Brave Girl

Year FOUR well visit has been hanging over our heads for quite a while now. Todd and I knew Allie would be receiving immunizations...and we warned her in advance a few months back.

No one was looking forward to this visit. Todd suggested I stay home with Ayden and he take Allie by himself. I couldn't do it. I had to be there. I knew she was going to be terrified...and I HAD to be there for her. I've been there for every other shot. That's my job as her mommy.  I wanted to be the one hugging her and holding her and telling her it's ok. 

Allie told us multiple times that morning that she didn't want to go. My heart broke for her. She seemed ok throughout the checkup...wearing all pink to match her new stuffed Clarice (that she begged us for at Meijer yesterday and Todd gave in...sucker!) she cried for the finger poke and then we had to get her ready for the real pain. Holding my four year old baby girl down on the table was miserable...probably more for her than me. It went fast and Allie was super brave. She soon stopped crying and a tile Dunkin Doughnuts did wonders. 

So proud of our girl. And no more shots till age 11!!!  

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