Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Like Daddy

 Ayden LOVES to hang out in our bathroom.  He sneaks in the shower when we leave the door open.  He throws whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet (when he's not slamming the lid up and down).  He takes EVERYTHING out of our draws including the medicine bottles he laughs at when he shakes them really loudly...yes, with child proof lids!  He dumps out every pony tail holder I own onto the floor.  He pretends to blow dry his hair with my hair dryer.  There are SOOOO many things to play with! 
His most favorite...Todd's razor.  He is fascinated with turning it on and off and he pretends to shave...just like Daddy.  Every time he "shaves" he just so happens to have the shaver pointed down.  One of these days I'm afraid we are going to find Ayden with half his hair shaved off.

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