Monday, January 19, 2015

Ayden's Baptism Birthday

One year ago today, Ayden was baptized and welcomed into God's Church.  I can't believe it has been a WHOLE year.  Wow!  I remember putting on his little white outfit and tying up his tiny white shoes.  So pure and innocent.  Today, our little guy celebrated his baptism birthday with lunch at home with Nana and Papa. He was ALL smiles!

A special cream!  Ayden's favorite!  He gobbled it up and HAD to feed himself.  YUM!  He's getting so BIG!!!
The celebratory candle was lit and we sang Happy Baptism to Ayden.  What a SMILE!!!  So sweet!  Big sister, Allie, helped blow out the candle...three times!  Yes, we had multiple "blow-outs."

...and of course a little present...a few of Ayden's favorite things.  New books for the Tag Reader and Cheerios and pouches to snack on.  Happy Baptism, buddy!  God is so lucky to have you as part of his church. 

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