Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ayden is 16 Months

Ayden is looking more and more like a little toddler. He loves to dance, run, spin, and climb.  Ayden got two more teeth this month.  He likes to feed himself and sometimes refuses to let me do it.  Some of his favorite foods are frozen yogurt, applesauce, and blueberries.  We removed the tray on his high chair and Ayden now sits at the table with the family.  When we go out to dinner, Ayden is starting to sit very well and patiently waits.  Ayden started having tantrums if he doesn't like something or isn't getting the attention he wants.  He falls to the floor, puts his head down, and cries.  Some new words Ayden says are....bap (baby), A-ee (Allie), dop (drop), and aw-done (all done).  Ayden loves to jump on the trampoline and climb on his ottoman, stand up, and pretend to surf...he thinks it's so funny.  Ayden was invited to his second friend birthday party and had so much fun playing.  Ayden celebrated his second Christmas and New Year's Eve this month.  Ayden gives hugs and kisses often and likes to cuddle with Todd, Nana or I. 
 Recently, Ayden learned how to do "cheese" for the camera...model in training.

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