Friday, January 30, 2015

Morning Moment to Remember

Our morning are quite rushed...I feel like I run a marathon before the start bell rings at school. I wake up and exercise, pack up the bags and car, get myself ready, get Allie ready, get Ayden ready...and then we all head downstairs to get ourselves in the car. 

It's been quite a while since I've had two HAPPY friends ready and willing to head out the door bright and early. Someone is usually pouting, whimpering, whining or full out crying when we pull away from our house. However, things have been looking up for a bit now. My littles were BOTH smiling this morning.  When I told Allie to put her boots on, Ayden got them both for Allie and gave them to her. I wasn't able to pull out my phone fast enough to snap a photo of this sweet moment, but I did take one right remember these sweet little morning moments, because every other moment of our morning is RUSH, RUSH, RUSH. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Like Daddy

 Ayden LOVES to hang out in our bathroom.  He sneaks in the shower when we leave the door open.  He throws whole rolls of toilet paper in the toilet (when he's not slamming the lid up and down).  He takes EVERYTHING out of our draws including the medicine bottles he laughs at when he shakes them really loudly...yes, with child proof lids!  He dumps out every pony tail holder I own onto the floor.  He pretends to blow dry his hair with my hair dryer.  There are SOOOO many things to play with! 
His most favorite...Todd's razor.  He is fascinated with turning it on and off and he pretends to shave...just like Daddy.  Every time he "shaves" he just so happens to have the shaver pointed down.  One of these days I'm afraid we are going to find Ayden with half his hair shaved off.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Future Fast Forward

On the days I get Allie and Ayden up, dressed, and to school...I usually have to wake my two precious sleeping babes.  I feel really bad that I have to get them up so early. Allie is at preschool eating breakfast before the sun is up.  They are both usually good with waking up pretty well for me.  However, this morning I got a little glimpse of what teenage Allie will be like.  After she told me she wanted to sleep some more...she crawled back under her covers in hopes to catch a little more shut eye.  Sorry, my love...not while you have a work'n momma.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tip Up Town

Thanks, Aders for the awesome fun time at Houghton Lake and Tip Up Town. We love you guys and it was so good to spend some quality time together. 

Allie and Austin almost made it through two whole days without any arguments. It was probably due to Allie sleeping half the day away on Sunday...till 10:00 (world  record for her!)  



Tip Up Town is the winter featival at Houghton Lake. Rides, food, and an ice slide!!  Allie said her favorite thing about the festival was the fun house!  

We pulled Ayden around in his was perfect!  We were pleasantly surprised that he actually sat in it for so long. There was no strap (hand-me-down) so I go creative and used an old belt to keep him buckled down. Worked great!  ...and Allie wanted to pull Ayden around too. 

What a fun little get-a-way and a much needed time with good friends. When I asked Allie what her most favorite thing was about the trip.  Her response...the toy vacuum. Haha!!  You guys will have you cleaner the next time we come. We'll be sure to put Allie to work. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flavor of the Week

Ayden really likes strawberries.


He really, REALLY likes strawberries...

...this week. Last week it was blueberries. This past weekend we stocked up on blueberries with three GIANT containers from Costco...and now he refuses to eat a single blueberry!!!  Grrr... 

What is up with these eating habits of his???  

Allie WAS very sweet...she gave her strawberry to Ayden when he basically attacked her for it. She was very happy to take his banana instead...that he tossed aside when he saw her strawberry.  What a big sissy!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ayden's Baptism Birthday

One year ago today, Ayden was baptized and welcomed into God's Church.  I can't believe it has been a WHOLE year.  Wow!  I remember putting on his little white outfit and tying up his tiny white shoes.  So pure and innocent.  Today, our little guy celebrated his baptism birthday with lunch at home with Nana and Papa. He was ALL smiles!

A special cream!  Ayden's favorite!  He gobbled it up and HAD to feed himself.  YUM!  He's getting so BIG!!!
The celebratory candle was lit and we sang Happy Baptism to Ayden.  What a SMILE!!!  So sweet!  Big sister, Allie, helped blow out the candle...three times!  Yes, we had multiple "blow-outs."

...and of course a little present...a few of Ayden's favorite things.  New books for the Tag Reader and Cheerios and pouches to snack on.  Happy Baptism, buddy!  God is so lucky to have you as part of his church. 

Peace Celebration

Martin Luther King Day is the one and only government holiday that Todd and I BOTH get off.  It just so happens to fall on a Monday, a day Allie does NOT have school...a day we all spent together.

Allie's school had a Peace Celebration today.  Her homework the week before was to create a quilt square representing what PEACE means to her.  Together, Allie and I came up with three symbols that means PEACE to her.  A heart for LOVE.  Her hands for HUGS.  Smiley faces for HAPPINESS.

Allie was dressed with her Peace shirt we happen to find in her drawer.  I had the pleasure of taking Allie up to the PEACE TREE and tell everyone how Allie brings peace to our lives...
"Allie is a special girl that has brought us peace from the moment she was born.  We are so proud of all she is.  She is a great helper, has wonderful manners, and such a good big sister to her brother. We love her so much!"
Allie was so sweet and SHY!  After all those words of kindness, she hid her face in my shoulder.  We then hung up her flower on the tree.

Finally, we headed outside to let balloons go to celebrate the peace in our lives, the peace in our family...and peace on Earth. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ayden is 16 Months

Ayden is looking more and more like a little toddler. He loves to dance, run, spin, and climb.  Ayden got two more teeth this month.  He likes to feed himself and sometimes refuses to let me do it.  Some of his favorite foods are frozen yogurt, applesauce, and blueberries.  We removed the tray on his high chair and Ayden now sits at the table with the family.  When we go out to dinner, Ayden is starting to sit very well and patiently waits.  Ayden started having tantrums if he doesn't like something or isn't getting the attention he wants.  He falls to the floor, puts his head down, and cries.  Some new words Ayden says are....bap (baby), A-ee (Allie), dop (drop), and aw-done (all done).  Ayden loves to jump on the trampoline and climb on his ottoman, stand up, and pretend to surf...he thinks it's so funny.  Ayden was invited to his second friend birthday party and had so much fun playing.  Ayden celebrated his second Christmas and New Year's Eve this month.  Ayden gives hugs and kisses often and likes to cuddle with Todd, Nana or I. 
 Recently, Ayden learned how to do "cheese" for the camera...model in training.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Our Brave Girl

Year FOUR well visit has been hanging over our heads for quite a while now. Todd and I knew Allie would be receiving immunizations...and we warned her in advance a few months back.

No one was looking forward to this visit. Todd suggested I stay home with Ayden and he take Allie by himself. I couldn't do it. I had to be there. I knew she was going to be terrified...and I HAD to be there for her. I've been there for every other shot. That's my job as her mommy.  I wanted to be the one hugging her and holding her and telling her it's ok. 

Allie told us multiple times that morning that she didn't want to go. My heart broke for her. She seemed ok throughout the checkup...wearing all pink to match her new stuffed Clarice (that she begged us for at Meijer yesterday and Todd gave in...sucker!) she cried for the finger poke and then we had to get her ready for the real pain. Holding my four year old baby girl down on the table was miserable...probably more for her than me. It went fast and Allie was super brave. She soon stopped crying and a tile Dunkin Doughnuts did wonders. 

So proud of our girl. And no more shots till age 11!!!  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

The beginning of the new year means our WINTER BREAK is almost over.  Boo.  Our quality family time is quickly coming to an end...but, not before we squeeze in one last tradition this winter break. 

Allie was thrilled to find out her friend Savannah was coming over to ring in the new year with us...the Hammerick's ball drops around 8:00 pm.  Dinner, lots of playing, decorating NYE hats, and "adult time" for us mommies and daddies.  We couldn't let the night slip on by without sharing our tradition of fun green punch with 12 grapes (one for each month of the new year).  Allie and Savannah never ate all their grapes to find out how many sweet months they would have vs. sour months.  Oh well...maybe one of these next years.

Ayden didn't have his own punch...but he ate enough grapes for these two girls combined.  And this was after he ate his own dinner and then finished Allie's dinner for her.

This morning we watched the REAL ball drop.  Allie recognized NYC right away...having been there this past summer.  A quick trip to the store to grab our NEW YEAR'S WISH BALLOONS. 

I'm proud to say that both our little had their wishes come true this past year.  Allie's wish for 2014 was to go to preschool.  She struggled a bit at our morning drop offs, but overall she loves school, her teachers, and her new friends.  Ayden's wish for 2014 was to be a good sleeper.  My wish Ayden's wish also came true this past year...THANKFULLY.  Ayden goes to bed around 8:00 pm and usually wakes between 7:00-8:00 am.

What a great day to release our balloons.  Chilly, but SUNNY with clear skies.

Allie's wish this year is to perfect her CARTWHEEL in cheerleading.  She's been working at it, but it's been quite challenging for her.  With some practice...she just might get it sometime this year.

Ayden's wish this year is to give up his binky.  He loves his the car, at naps, when he's sad and at bedtime.  This is going to be a tough one...and I'm sort of dreading it when the time comes.

Cheers to a new year.  May it be a memorable one.  Happy, Happy New Year!!!