Thursday, December 11, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Downtown)

Allie has been looking forward to going to Daddy's work for some time now...she knew Santa would make his annual stop there.  Unfortunately, EVERYONE but me was sick!  Allie was at the end of her influenza A, Ayden got a cough, and Todd ended up with the stomach flu THAT MORNING.  He sucked it up for just long enough to make it in for his Christmas party with the kiddos and I.  By looking at the photos below, you would have never thought any of them were sick.  I'm really proud of Todd for toughing it out for these two.  Being sick an trying to function, is sometimes impossible.
Allie was as happy as ever to play at Todd's desk and write all over his paperwork, while Ayden RAN around and made himself right at home getting his hands into everything!  Allie made a sparkly pink snowflake (and a blue one for Ayden) and a Christmas tree ornament.  There was games to play too.

But the highlight of the morning was when Santa arrived.  Allie hopped right up on his lap.  We learned that Ayden STILL hates Santa.  Dear Santa...all I want for Christmas is two healthy kiddos.  It would be awesome if  they were unable to whine, ever again...if you want to throw in a little something extra.  It would be much appreciated.

Santa was sure to fill up his sleigh before he made the trip to the D.  Allie and Ayden each got a little pre-Christmas gift from the big jolly guy.  Allie received some accessories for her Bitty Baby.  Pouches, Goldfish and animal crackers filled up Ayden's bag...Santa sure does know Ayden well!

After our visit with Santa and piece of pizza, we hit the road.  Todd was happy to make it home and recoup in bed for the rest of the day...while the littles and I were left to spend some quality momma and me time.  Hope you liked Detroit, Santa!

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