Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One Hug Goodbye

Belle has been our live-in guest for the past month...but tonight we say goodbye to our little friend.  Belle will head back to the North Pole to stay with Santa and the other elves until next year...we will miss her so.

Belle has brought Allie a few memories during her stay this year.  Early each morning when she returned from the North Pole, she filled up the advent calendar bags with a little note and usually a yummy treat for Allie.  Some of the notes told Allie to do mail out our family Christmas cards, look at family photo albums together, go to the light festival, or make a Christmas banana split.


Sometimes Belle was just silly...


This month has been a whirlwind of gifts for Allie with her birthday and Christmas!  Belle dressed in a BRAND NEW cupcake outfit and brought Allie the elf on the shelf Birthday Tradition book on her birthday.  The morning of her birthday party, Belle dressed up in her cupcake outfit again and left a special gift for Allie (a Frozen puzzle...Allie was thrilled!) Nice job, Belle!

Belle also brought Allie a few little things here and there.  One morning Allie found a new sparkly PINK Christmas tree in her bedroom (perfect for ALL of her handmade ornaments to go on!).  Another morning Allie called me into her our surprise Belle had been playing with Allie's Barbies.  She dressed them up in some NEW red and green dresses!  Allie noticed right away!  Belle got out our Nativity play set another day...Ayden loved making the manger sing.


Belle told Allie to write a letter to Santa...she did such a great job with her writing!  Allie made sure to take care of her brother as well..."Ayden wants a train."  How sweet is she?

All of us Hammerick's have been feeling under the weather this month...WAY UNDER the weather!  Influenza A struck Allie and Todd...cough for Ayden...then stomach bug for Ayden, then Allie, then Todd.  I made out a little better then the rest of us...just a little nauseous one day.  It was inevitable that Belle was going to get sick too.  Allie was supposed to have her well visit this month (and Ayden too) but her well visit turned into a sick visit. Belle brought Allie Elf of the Shelf Band-Aid's for her shots...she will have to use them when we reschedule her appointment.

It's been a blast with your Belle...but tonight we will say goodbye to our special elf.  We found Belle on the Christmas tree this Christmas Eve morning.  Belle brought Allie a goodbye gift (a Rudolph puzzle to color) and a goodbye note too.

The letter told Allie that tonight after all the gifts were opened and she left cookies out for Santa...she could PICK BELLE UP to give her a hug and kiss goodbye.  Allie was very excited about this.  Belle said that Allie should leave her next to Santa's cookies so Santa could take her back to the North Pole with him...because her magic would no longer work after Allie touched her.

Allie was a little apprehensive about picking her up at first...but she did and she carefully carried her upstairs.  She gave her hug, said thanks for everything, and then a quick kiss on her hat.

Bye, bye Belle!  I'll see you next year!  Love, Allie

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