Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve...Traditions

I'm all about traditions.  Giving my two littles Christmas my job as a mom.  We are so blessed and truly thankful for our family who come to our home and celebrate each year with us...Todd's parents, my dad, my aunt and cousins.  Allie and Ayden will always have these warm, joyful memories of family traditions, holiday foods, and the excitement of opening gifts just before the magical St. Nick makes a visit to our home.
I tried to capture our day with family photos.  I always seem to forget a few shots.  Allie was so excited that Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe were joining us this year...but I forgot to get some photos!
Allie and Ethan ate together.  Allie loved her reindeer antlers.  Ethan...not so much.  Allie slurped up her green Christmas punch again this year...our family's traditional Christmas Eve enjoy with all the COOKIES!  Ayden yummed up almost everything on his plate.  He's our superstar eater!

The "big kids" made a fun Christmas craft after keep them occupied while the rest of us SLOW eaters finished up.  Thanks, Whitney for playing "teacher"...Allie just LOVES you!  The final results were TOO DARN CUTE!!!  This will be a keeper to display for many Christmas' to come!

Time for presents...ROUND 1!  Ethan, Allie and Ayden opened up their presents from each other.  A wiggle car for Ethan to race with....this makes his SECOND wiggle car...

...Rock 'n Roll Elmo for Ayden...and a Barbie Bakery for Allie.  I'm pretty sure this was one of her most favorite gifts of the evening.  

Presents ROUND 2 happens a little bit later after Ethan and his family head to their house to open their family gifts.  Allie was still feeling a bit under the weather from the illness she had earlier in the week.  Her and Ayden changed out of their fancy clothes into their Christmas jammies.  Allie perked up once it was time to open up gifts.  She unwrapped all of hers on her own...she helped with others.  Ayden liked playing with the wrapping paper and boxes most of all.

These two Hammerick's are as SPOILED as EVER!  Allie's loot included a Frozen towel, a few sets of pajamas, snow pants, snow boots, books, clothes for her American Girl Doll, more boots, Hello Kitty soap, toothpaste and shower stuff, flannel sheets, tights, a headband making kit, a handmade bassinet for her babies, a sled, Frozen slippers, and a VINTAGE My Little Pony Stable to keep all those ponies in she's been earning. 

Ayden made out just as well with sheets for his big boy bed, Teddy Grahams (his favorite), a Frozen towel, bath soaps, books, stuffed animals, a personalized backpack, an organizer for his closet, lots of pajamas, pouches, and a sound puzzle.

Allie and Ayden say THANK YOU to everyone for the amazing gifts!  They LOVE everything!

Just before bed, Allie and I went out in the sprinkling rain to spread out the reindeer food (oats and glitter) so Santa could find our house.  She picked out one of each of our Christmas cookies and left them on a plate on the ottoman for a HUNGRY Santa that would be stopping by in only a few short hours.  Allie was so excited to hug and kiss Belle goodbye before she set her by Santa's cookie plate.  She told Belle "Thank you for everything" and "I'll see you next year" before we tucked her into bed.

Both of these two were EXHAUSTED and fell asleep super quick.  Santa was in and out of our house earlier than planned which made him run AHEAD of schedule.  I can't wait to see these two little faces in the morning...My heart is full this Christmas Eve. 

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night!

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