Friday, December 5, 2014

Light Up the Night 2014

This year we ALL made it out to the Novi tree lighting ceremony...last year the temperatures were in the NEGATIVES and Todd stayed home with Ayden. The weather this season was not too bad.  First we stopped and had our picture taken with "the Tree" that was lit up that night.  There was lots of fun things to do.  Animal petting, crafts, s'more roasting, food tasting...and tons, tons more.

Allie and Ayden made a craft...Christmas stamps and snowflake frames.  Ayden tried to eat the stamps, over and over again. 

We met up with Aunt Jess, Whitney and Ethan for the fun.  Austin, Aunt Kat and Uncle Mark were there too! 

I think the highlight of the evening was the TRAIN!  Ayden even loved it!  After the first time around, Allie wanted to ride with on we went again.  Chooo-chooo!

The library had their usually cookies and popcorn...AND ELSA AND ANNA!!!  What a surprise!  Allie was in awww of them.  She was so excited to tell them about her frozen birthday party tomorrow. 

So glad we could bring Ayden along this year to the tree lighting...and to have our friends and family join us too!  It's all these events and holiday outings that make Christmas so exciting, special and FUN!  I love that there are so many fun events offered for us to attend...but it sure does make us BUSY!!!

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