Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Party, Allie!

Not only did Allie celebrate her birthday today with her friends...but she also celebrated turning 4 with the COOLEST snow queen ever...ELSA!  Allie's FROZEN birthday was at the TINY TOWN of Arendelle. 

There were sooooo many snowflakes, blue and turquoise, and FROZEN things everywhere!  Lot's of goodies were spread about...snowball doughnuts, frozen heart chocolate covered strawberries, melted snow water, Olaf noses and arms (carrots and pretzels), snowflake cookies, true love kisses and Kristof's ice candy!  The dessert table was SNOW COOL!
As a thank you for coming to Allie's special Frozen birthday, Allie and I made glitter Frozen playdough in the shape of a snowflake for all her friends. 

Each guest received a magic snowflake wand, Sven antlers for the boys and snow tiaras for the girls.  The kids LOVED wearing the antlers and tiaras!

Just as we all gathered in the party room to enjoy some tasty treats...LOOK who BLEW through the door!!!  Allie was soooo excited!  "ELSA!" she giggled!  Elsa went right over to Allie and invited her and her friends to sing a few familiar songs...all of which Allie knew the words to...Let It Go! ...and Do You Want to Build a Snowman?  The girls LOVED it!!!  They sang and twirled.  It was the cutest!  The boys on the other hand watched from afar.  I think they may have had a secret crush on the beautiful Elsa.

Allie was as willing as ever to pose for a few photos with Elsa...she even wanted Ayden to come in the pictures too!  However, I think Ayden was a little star struck.

Unfortunately Elsa had to be getting back to Anna and Arendelle.  She gave Allie a birthday card and princess ring to remember her by.  Elsa didn't leave without a big WARM hug from Allie. 

Time for lunch, cupcakes and desserts!

Happy, happy birthday to the sweetest four-year-old I know.  Allie, I hope your Frozen birthday was the best ever! 

Lots of time for fun with friends!  Allie really enjoyed playing with her friends and family.  She is so blessed to have all of you in her life to share wonderful memories with.  We hope you enjoyed Elsa just as much as Allie did!

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