Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hammerick Christmas Card 2014

Have yourself a merry LITTLE Christmas!  These two little Christmas cuties made our family Christmas card the cutest ever!!!  They cooperated so well for the perfect shot.  Merry Christmas from the Hammerick's!


Dear Family & Friends,

We hope your 2014 has been as fun-filled as ours. Even though this year ended wonderfully, it didn’t start off so great for the Hammerick’s. Monica and Ayden were in a head on collision in January. Luckily the only major damage was to the car. We are all very thankful for our health. Our family enjoyed traveling to visit family in PA in the summer. We also took our first cruise to Bermuda as a family of four. Allie loved the beaches and Ayden loved the food. We stayed in the Big Apple for a few days and toured NY. Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square were some of the highlights. Our year was filled with many firsts as we watched Ayden grow. We celebrated his baptism in early winter. Ayden went from a sleepy little baby to an on-the-go little boy. Ayden turned ONE and learned to walk, talk and climb. He loves to bang on everything. Ayden is growing into a sweet, smiley, and hungry little guy! Ayden was chosen for his first modeling gig in the spring. He is featured on the Sticky Bellies advertisements and packaging. Allie started pre-school in the fall and is learning so much. She continues to take swim lessons and is so proud of her swimming accomplishments. She jumps in off of the side and will even go underwater now! Allie loves going to cheerleading practice too and continues to work on her cartwheel. The summer was spent riding her bike, playing at the park while mom attended stroller fitness classes, and driving her Power Wheels Mini Cooper Santa brought her last Christmas. Allie traded in her toddler bed for a big FULL size bed. Some of Allie’s favorite toys are My Little Pony’s, Barbie’s and her baby dolls. Monica moved schools and started teaching third grade this fall. She loves her new school, coworkers and students. Monica’s Etsy shop is still open for business. She is creating all sorts of crafty party decorations for kids around the United States. Todd has been busy working and taking care of our two cutie pies. This Christmas we will spend some much needed family time at home with relatives, opening gifts and baking cookies for Santa. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

                                                           Love, Todd, Monica, Allie & Ayden

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