Saturday, December 13, 2014

Breakfast with Santa 2014

I LOVE breakfast with Santa!!!  I have fond memories of having breakfast with Santa with my mom.  I hope to create those same fond memories with Allie and Ayden over the years.  Pancakes, sausage, grapes, and OJ was on the menu for this jolly 'ol breakfast.  Santa made his way around the dining room to say hello.  Allie was a bit shy and only managed to giggle and smile when Santa found her.  Allie made some reindeer food for Rudolph and his eight friends...and a reindeer ornament.

Mrs. Claus read a story and then it was time to see Santa.  Ms. Claus had a little chat with Allie about her elf.  Allie let Ms. Claus know that Belle (Allie's elf) has been staying at our house.  Ms. Claus said that the elves are tattle tales, haha!

Allie smiled so nice...and Ayden cried...again!  We are 0-3 on our Santa photos this year.  There's always next year...sorry Santa.  Maybe next year.

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