Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Belated Christmas Play Date

Our Christmas play date was a bit delayed. Due to my two two being sick...our friends decided to stay away!  Far, far away!  And I don't blame them a bit. The stomach bug is pretty miserable. 

Allie and her friends (and my friends too) finally got together for some holiday cheer just before the new year. We still made our Gingerbread houses...Allie ate more than I think she put on. Ayden even managed to put a few of his candies on his house...but he had lots more fun picking them off. 

These little guys did an awesome job on their houses...

And their giant gingerbread cookies too. Yum!!!

I LOVE this picture!!!  These cute little faces have been friends since before they were order from oldest to youngest...haha (...and yes, shortest to tallest)!  Check out this fabulous gingerbread village. 

No Christmas play date is complete in our house without a fun decorated table, of course. Cupcakes and hot chocolate were a big hit. 

Thanks for playing, friends!  We are so glad to have such wonderful friends like you!

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