Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ayden is 15 Months

Ayden has been a busy, busy boy. He learned how to twirl around until he falls down and he thinks it's the funniest thing when he walks backwards until bumps into something. When music is playing, Ayden will nod his head back and forth to the rhythm. One of his favorite things to do this month are play in the Tupperware cabinet and put lids on and off of containers. Ayden grew tall enough to reach the handles of our doors. We had to start using the door locks on the bathroom, pantry, and garge door. Whenever anyone gets ready to leave, Ayden will get his coat himself and bring it to Todd or I to put on him because he thinks he is going too. Ayden will wave bye whenever he leaves. Ayden loved having the Christmas tree up this season. He would often hang up ornaments including some of his toys and Todd's socks too. Ayden has 4 teeth. Some of his favorite foods this month are pasta, yogurt and bananas. He still refuses to drink milk but loves iced tea. 

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