Sunday, November 23, 2014

Santa 2014

Tonight there was a special FROZEN event at the mall...and Allie was all about going.  Olaf balloons and a Frozen was SNOW much fun!

I think Allie was more excited to wear to new Christmas dress more than she was about the Frozen festivities. These two little Christmas cuties were dressed for the their visit with Santa.  Ayden is not all about posing for photos lately.

Allie is FINALLY comfortable with sitting on Santa's lap.  She climbed right up there and told him she wanted an iPad for Christmas this year. Ayden, on the other hand, told Santa the only he wanted for Christmas was to get off of his lap!!!  I'm pretty sure he was saying between all those screams, "Someone SAVE ME!"

Sorry,'s going to be another couple years before the Hammerick's cooperate for a photo with you.  Ayden has mega stranger danger right now...and Santa, you are no exception. 

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