Sunday, November 30, 2014

North Pole Breakfast 2014

Belle arrived just in the knick of day before the month of December. "Belle!" Squealed Allie when she set her eyes on our kitchen table (that moment made it all worth it).

Belle brought us Hammerick's breakfast from the North Pole. Complete with snow covered doughnuts, warm hot chocolate, red raspberries, elf kisses, Christmas M&M's, and Christmas cupcakes.

We found presents too!  Allie and Ayden both got a Santa bucket. Allie's held candy cane bubble bath and a Christmas lollipop. Ayden's had applesauce pouches (he gobbled those up right away) and he found a new reindeer sleeper on his high chair. 

Our kitchen table sure did look Christmas-y!  Everything RED and GREEN.  Breakfast and presents magically appeared, compliments to our Elf, Belle.  Belle was hanging out on the Christmas tree so she could watch us enjoy our North Pole breakfast.

Allie and Ayden were spoiled by Belle!  Christmas Rudolph socks, applesauce pouches and a reindeer sleeper for Ayden.  A Christmas lollipop and candy cane bubble bath for Allie.

Here is Allie telling Belle, "Thank you for the breakfast."  She was so sweet.  I just love seeing the magic light up in Allie's eyes.  Belle makes our house so MAGICAL this time of year. 

We're so glad you are back, Belle.  We are looking forward to finding you each morning and to your treats too!  We will be sure to look inside your advent calendar each and every morning.  

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