Friday, November 7, 2014

My Little Pony

Well...this is the first week completed of Allie's new sticker chart.  A sticker chart to earn a one-of-a-kind, VINTAGE, My Little Pony...a My Little Pony that I once used to play with.  Allie has been giving me the hardest time in the mornings on the days she has to go to school.  I'm responsible for getting myself and two kids up (one was nursing until just recently), dressed, teeth brushed, bags and lunches in the car, kids buckled and on the road, and two drop-offs before myself W-F (and Wednesdays are staff meeting days that I CANNOT be late for!)  Usually Allie will wake up, complain she doesn't want to go to school, or her belly hurts, or some other excuse that she is using to procrastinate going to school.  This usually ends up with me doing whatever I have to do to get her in the car (she is usually crying the whole time).  I walk her in to he classroom where I then drop her on Ms. Dee's lap as she sobs and I make a run for it so I can get Ayden dropped and myself to work on time.  Of course I feel HORRIBLE the whole drive to school.  I wait a bit and then call to find out if she is still crying.  Fortunately, she stops soon after I leave and will have a GREAT rest of the day.  Todd picks her up and receives raving reports about how happy she was ALL day!!!  This has been going on since school started.  I get the sucky end of the deal!

So, last week I had enough.  I found a sticker chart on-line and pulled out one of the many Disney sticker sheets we have accumulated from the doctors office visits.  I bribed my daughter that if she didn't cry in the mornings when I dropped her off at school, she would get a sticker...and if she filled up a weeks worth of stickers...she would be rewarded with one, new to her, My Little Pony (her new favorite thing!) 

SUCCESS!  Allie was THRILLED to get her hands on Blossom today after school.  I have about 15 other, new-to-Allie, vintage My Little Ponies hidden away that are ready to come out and week at a time!  Maybe by Christmas Allie will have enough My Little Ponies to fill up that pony stable I have hidden away too!

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