Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Little Model

This cute little yummy face will be now be seen by millions!!  My sweet Ayden is one of the new faces appearing on the Sticky Bellies packaging and advertisements.  Back in the spring, Sticky Bellies put out a casting call for some adorable, happy babies.  I immediately responded and sent in Ayden's photo....AND HE WAS CHOSEN!!!  At this point, there was no guarantee he would appear on anything.  But, I figured some fun photos of the cutest baby ever would be worth it to me.  So, off we went to the photo shoot. 

Ayden cooperated pretty well.  He smiles some and sat up really well.  These were some of the photos taken of him.

Months passed when I finally receive the email that Ayden was chosen to appear on SPORTY SHORTY packages of Sticky Belly stickers...

...AND on the Facebook page!  I'm so proud of how well Ayden did having his photo taken...although he does get a lot of practice with his momma.  This modeling gig might be the very beginning of his future modeling career...maybe Todd and I can retire now!!!

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