Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cut Off

Ayden cut me off....completely...without any warning.  I'm so very sad about this.  I was the one to break the ties with Allie.  Now, I'm regretting it.  She probably would have hung on a little bit longer.  It's been a whole week since the last time Ayden and I had our special bond.  Today I decided to finally give up.  Every morning, after school and before bed for the past week, I've TRIED to nurse my baby very LAST baby!  But each and every time, he shakes his little head "no" at me.  My heart is hurting. 

I knew my special time with Ayden wouldn't last forever.  However, I thought I would be the one to call it quits.  My over all goal was to make it to a year...Ayden is 13 and half months old.  My mission is accomplished.  I just can't believe it's over.

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