Saturday, November 29, 2014

Allie is 4!

She is growing up so fast!  This beautiful girl is turning 4!  We celebrated as a family today, just a couple days before her actual birthday.  Allie was so excited for her birthday celebration.  We (Allie) decided we should open gifts before having lunch and eating cake. 

Allie received LOTS of FROZEN gifts from Nana and Papa, Auntie Ellen and Uncle Joe, and Barb.  Allie was thrilled to get an Elsa dress, Elsa and Anna dolls, and a Frozen necklace with a singing music jewelry box (she walked around all afternoon wearing her Elsa dress, holding her dolls and singing with her jewelry box).  There were TONS of other Frozen gifts too including pajamas...she asked right away if she could wear them tonight.

Papa Ray got Allie a locket necklace with cheerleading charms inside and a cheerleading gift certificate for Allie to continue to attend her cheer practices.  Allie has been asking for a while now when she could wear my locket she has her own! 

Todd and I got Allie a Barbie dollhouse, along with some Barbie dolls and clothes.  Allie has been telling me for months now that she wanted a Barbie house.  Funny thing is...I had just that stashed away in hiding...waiting for the perfect opportunity to come out and play.  Over a month ago, I drug it out and gave it back to Papa Ray.  It looked really 80's and was in desperate need of a makeover.  Papa Ray painted it and put in new flooring and carpet.  He also spray painted some of the dated looking kitchen pieces.  Pink is much more appealing than 80's orange and yellow.  When I got it back, I went to town making new curtains, covering the couch and making little pillows, window flower boxes and accessories for the walls...which Todd helped spray paint.  I used all of the remnant fabrics I had from when I decorated Allie's nursery/room.  It matches her room perfectly!



Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Living Room

Allie was SO HAPPY when she saw her new Barbie house.  I told her how it was mine and how all three of us helped fix it up for her.  We talked about how special all the dolls and clothes were.  My mom made MOST of the Barbie clothes and they are still in great condition. 

Thank you everyone for spoiling our little lady.  She is truly blessed to have you in her lives.  She absolutely LOVED everything she got for her birthday (so far). 

Allie helped decorate for her birthday lunch...she made sure to pick out a dress and have Nana paint her nails too (because it was her special day, she said).  Salad is what Allie chose for her birthday we ordered in Olive Garden before having perfectly purple cupcakes...per Allie's request. Allie still only eats just the frosting from her cupcake.

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet, sweet Allie girl.  May all your wishes and dreams come true.  We love you so much and are proud of the little young lady you are becoming.  Muah!

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